Teslin Paper

Teslin Synthetic Paper

Teslin Paper

Teslin paper is a type of synthetic paper that has a number of distinct advantages over other types of paper you might usually use in your printer. More specifically, Teslin paper has unique advantages that makes it useful for creating ID cards that will look professional and that will stand up to wear and tear over a long period of time.

Benefits of Teslin Paper

The main benefit of Teslin paper is that it is much tougher than other types of paper. This makes it suitable for ID cards because it will feel more rigid in the hands and because it will be somewhat water resistant.

If you want to hand out ID cards when you have customers visit your business, or if you want to give them to your members of staff, then you need to ensure that your cards look the part and won’t let your business down with running ink or a generally shoddy appearance. If you just used regular paper, your card would be ruined in no time at all and wouldn’t look very good for your company.

Thus you should use Teslin paper and on top of this you will then usually laminate the card using a butterfly pouch and laminator. This is what makes it even more water resistant and gives it the appearance of a strong and sturdy ID card.

Another benefit of Teslin paper is that it has a professional looking sheen, a crisp whiteness and a quick drying nature. All of this means that when you print on it, the ink stays on the surface and dries quickly instead of being absorbed into the paper and bleeding out of the edges. Basically this results in an image that has much higher definition that you could accomplish with other printer paper and this once more gives your business a much more professional look that will impress your visitors more.

Teslin Paper

Using Teslin Paper

Another advantage of Teslin paper is that it normally comes with ready-made punchouts. These punchouts make it easy for you to remove the precise size of ID badge you need in the quantities you need them. A 6-UP sheet for instance lets you easily remove six ID badges per page so that you won’t have to fiddle around with a knife or scissors.

Another advantage is that Teslin paper can be used in an inkjet or laser printer. So whatever type of printer you have, it will be ready to go. At the same time though, it can also be used with an ID card printer which might have a laminator built in. If you get yourself some butterfly pouches (also available on the site) then you’ll be able to easily laminate your cards and create as many as you need in no time flat.

Teslin paper gives you one easy option for creating high quality ID badges for your business. There are other methods available of course – such as printing onto blank ID cards – but this is a great choice for many organizations.

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