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Lanyards with lots of End Fitting Options

End Fittings for Lanyards

When selecting your lanyards, there are a number of different aspects to consider. On the one hand, you need to think about the material and select something that will be tough and resilient (so that the ID cards don't get broken) as well as something that will feel comfortable around the neck and not aggravate the skin. At the same time, you also need to think about the look of your lanyards. A good choice here is to pick a [...]

Swivel Hook Attachment

End Fittings

When using lanyards or badge reels for your event badges or employee IDs there are several different end fittings available from which to choose. Once you have chosen the design, color, and type of lanyard that you are going to use, you will want to choose an appropriate end fitting to hold the badge in place so that it can be visible at all times. Swivel Hook Swivel hooks are similar to trigger hooks. However, the swivel hook will allow the [...]