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Badge Reels are perfect for anyone looking to keep their ID Cards safe and close to them!

Badge Reels

Badge reels are housing or casing units that will contain a retractable cord. The cord can be connected to a badge holder. The most basic badge reels will be either a round, square, or rectangle shape. There are customized shapes available as well such as a breast cancer awareness heart. The badge reel is typically rather small and will have a belt clip located on the back of it in order to attach the reel to your clothing. There are [...]

Badge Reels!

Ordering badges but still deciding on which badge reel fits your business best? Well, at ID Card Supply, there are two options: the standard badge reel or the no-twist badge reel. Both, the standard reels and the no-twist reels, offer very convenient access to mag stripes or barcodes located on the badge, but the no-twist reel separates itself from the standard badge reel with a few of its upgraded features. The no-twist badge reel is made with a rotating clip that has “teeth” to create a [...]