Synthetic Paper

Synthetic Paper is the perfect long-lasting paper solution! Order yours today!

Synthetic Paper

Synthetic paper is crucial for ID cards as it is what you will print on in order to create the main face of the ID card. This paper will then be laminated onto the card using a laminator and butterfly pouch and this will then allow you to have cards that have all the necessary detail on them but are also still highly legible and easy to read.

What is Synthetic Paper for ID Cards?

But what is synthetic paper for ID cards? Why not use ‘normal’ paper?

Well usually, when you create ID cards, you will use paper like Teslin or Arcadia. What’s special about these papers is that they are made from materials that are water resistant to a degree and extremely strong. This is important for ID cards as these are going to be carried for a long time and likely subjected to various different elements. If you have an ID card on you and you drop it in a puddle, force it awkwardly into a wallet pouch or just use it outside in the rain, you need to be sure that it is going to stand up to that kind of punishment and still be readable.

If you were to use regular paper that did get damaged, then this would have the effect of either making your business look bad (that would be your logo now printed on crumpled, wet paper) or of making the information on the card illegible to the point where you’d need to print a new one. Potentially, an illegible security card could even lead to a security breach if the details of the name are obscured.

At the same time, the best quality papers for your uses will also ensure that there is minimum ‘bleeding’ on the paper. In other words, this means that when the text is printed on the paper, it will stay crisp and high definition instead of looking low-res and poor quality.

For convenience, a lot of synthetic paper for ID cards is also printed on paper that has ‘punch outs’. These are ID card-sized shapes that will easily push out of the page thus allowing you to easily create as many ID cards as you need without needing to manually cut the paper out (which would likely only look messy).

Bulk Buy for Cheaper Prices

Of course if you are going to be handing out ID cards to all your visitors and/or all your employees, then you will likely want to buy them in bulk in order to save yourself time and effort. This way, you will have the paper ready each time you need to create a new card for a visitor or new member of staff. As long as you also have enough cards and other supplies, you’ll be able to hand these out as and when you need them instead of ordering more. What’s more, buying in bulk also helps you to make great savings on all your individual items thus cutting your overheads.

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