Name Tag Holders

Nametag holders are the perfect solution for professional business meetings

Name Tag Holders

Name tag holders are devices that are of course intended to hold name tags. The idea then is that they can be worn on a shirt or t-shirt and thus held at a level that’s easy to read for people. For companies that run training days, classes, networking events or anything similar, they can be highly useful. Read on and we’ll find out more about the different types and how to make the most of them.


Name tag holders are perfect because they give you a way to easily show people who you are without needing a formal introduction. When you’re in a setting where perhaps not everyone knows your name, this is a very useful way to be able to facilitate communication and thus it is conducive for networking, teambuilding and other similar tasks.

With an ID card, the idea is that you’ll only need to show the card at certain times. You’ll carry it on your person normally and then only when you need to access a restricted area will you pull it out to show the security staff/to scan.

With a name tag though this works slightly differently. Now the ideal situation is that you want the card to always be visible and you shouldn’t have to take it out to show people each time. Name tag holders perform a similar job to ID cards then but with a different end goal in mind.

Name card holders also have the benefit of being reusable and actually very simple to make the most of. That’s because a name tag holder allows you to easily slide a piece of card in and out. Unlike an ID card that is laminated, name cards don’t need to last a long time and aren’t expensive to make – thus you can keep a few holders and be ready that way to run multiple events without needing to re-stock your supply.

Different Types

There are a number of different types of nametag holders and they vary in a few different ways. In particular, name card holders can vary in the way that they attach. Some will use simple safety pins for example which have the benefit of being universal, well-understood and easy to attach to any piece of fabric while still facing forward.

At the same time though, others will use alligator clips. These are spring loaded clips that have ‘teeth’ which can bite down onto a pocket or pinch an area of fabric. That way, they can be used to hold onto the front of a piece of clothing or onto a pocket or the buttons. Other clips and fasteners are also available for name tag holders.

Name tag holders also vary in color – we have both white and clear available – and in size. The size is really a matter of preference, as is the color, but bear in mind that larder tags will be a little easier to read while at the same time being slightly more cumbersome than smaller tags.

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