Making Custom ID Badges

Making Custom ID Badges

If you want to make your business look and feel more professional for the customers and business partners that you work with, then an easy way to do this is by creating your own custom ID badges. These will have a professional look and feel that will impress your visitors and will provide you with many new potential applications – for instance they can be used to grant access to your visitors using mag strips, or they can be used to help your visitors easily identify members of staff.

For all these reasons, ID cards make a business seem like a more professional outfit and improve the experience of working with them.

And the good news? Making your own custom ID badges is relatively easy!

One option is to print your ID badges onto blank cards/Teslin paper and then laminate them with butterfly pouches. Another option is to order them ready printed.

Either way though, you are first going to need to come up with a design and this is where many companies stumble. Thankfully, IDCardSupply has the answer!

Introducing the Badge Maker

Our Badge Maker is an online tool found at that gives you everything you need to start making your own attractive ID cards that will look profess while at the same time being unique to your organization.

IDCreator Badge Maker

The way it works is simple: first you select a template that you want to use as your starting point and then you open the editor to make whichever changes you need to make to the design. This way, you can change the color or the background to better match your branding for instance, or you could change some of the text or some of the layout just to something you find more aesthetically pleasing.

You can then save the changes you’ve made and start adding identities. Here, you’ll just fill in the details of each person you want to create an ID card for and then you’ll order that design. Because the design is saved, you can easily open it up again in future and create new cards as you get new members of staff or as you get more customers and visitors.

The Templates

One of the great things about our badge maker is that you are starting from a template. This means that you don’t have to be a professional designer to make your ID cards. If you have never done any design in your life, you’re perfectly welcome to keep the design we’ve created as it is – and we have separate ones for nearly every industry from the medical profession to office jobs to events organizers.

At the same time though, you are also able to edit the templates as much or as little as you want. This way, you know you’re getting a professional design and one that will look like a good fit for your particular business, but at the same time you won’t risk having the exact same card as the business on the floor above. It’s the perfect solution!

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