While customizing ID’s with, you will receive the option to purchase lanyards in addition to your order. These lanyards come in various widths ranging from 3mm to 16mm as well as different materials such as polyester or polypropylene. Among all the different options for your lanyard, you can also customize the color preference/design or, more importantly, the strap style. The standard lanyard strap will conveniently hold your credentials while the other available option, the breakaway strap, provides extra convenience as well as added personal safety. This breakaway option offers added convenience by detaching and allowing easy access to present your ID and then reattaching back to the lanyard with ease. This breakaway lanyard is also very handy in settings that involve children such as daycares or schools. The safety mechanism allows the lanyard to detach if being pulled too roughly, thus preventing any choking from the lanyard.

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