Lamination is recommended for printing ID cards at home. Many people think that if they are printing on plastic that there is no need for lamination. However, lamination adds an extra layer of protection for your ID cards that will allow them to last much longer. Using a laminator is quite easy and provides your ID badges with a more professional look.

Sizes of Laminators

There are several different sizes of laminators available. For those printing ID badges, a smaller laminator is all that is required. These can be purchased rather cheaply. Most smaller laminators will support cards that are up to 4.5 inches wide and have a thickness of up to 32 mm. This is a standard size for an ID badge.

EasyIDea™ Laminators

The EasyIDea&™ laminator has been designed with the purpose to make IDs quickly and efficiently. This line of pouch laminators has been rated to handle the size and thickness of the average ID card. Many pouch laminators have only been rated to be used with a 3 to 5 mil thickness and are ideal for laminating documents and photos, but are not ideal for ID badges. A regular laminator may jam when the standard thickness of 7 mil or 10 mil ID is placed through them. In addition, many standard laminators simply do not have the heat that is needed to properly laminate ID cards.

The EasyIDea&™ ID card laminators has been designed specifically to use to make IDs. For this reason, these laminators will be able to handle up to 33 mil of total thickness. This provides enough room to handle the 10 mil pouches that are often used for ID lamination.

The internal heat setting for the EasyIDea&™ is set to be warmer so it will reach the ideal temperatures that are needed in order to laminate the thicker butterfly pouches that are used for IDs. The minilam&™ 450 model will provide a large width of 4.5 inches, which is perfect for most ID needs.

The EasyIDea&™ laminators also provide rollers and components that are made from a higher quality material this will eliminate the need for a paper carrier. You will be able to simply place the laminate directly into the laminator.

EasyIDea&™ pouch laminators are the only ones available that have been specifically designed to be used for making ID cards. A low end pouch laminator is not going to be able to properly handle the thickness and heat requirements that are necessary to create professional grade quality ID badges. When creating ID badges from your home printer it is recommended that you choose a laminator that has been designed specifically for ID badges in order to obtain the best quality.

Overall, lamination is an important part of the ID making process. While there are many lamination options available, the EasyIDea&™ has been designed specifically for laminating IDs. This laminator will provide you with an affordable lamination option for creating high quality IDs from home.

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