ID Card Kits

ID Card Kits

Want to start creating professional and attractive ID cards for your business but aren’t sure where to start? If you’ve never made an ID card before then that’s understandable as they can be confusing the first time you try. For instance: how do you make those magnetic stripes? Do you need them? And how do you print onto a card?

Making your own IDs is actually relatively easy and once you get to grips with the straightforward process, you’ll be able to reel off as many as you need for your guests as you arrive. The challenge is just getting past that first hurdle and getting the supplies you need.

Luckily, that’s where our ‘ID Card Kits’ come in!

What Are ID Card Kits?

Basically, ID card kits are packs that contain all the supplies and tools you need to start making your ID cards. This is a great way to get everything you need to get started with just a single order and at the same time you’ll also benefit from big savings. It’s perfect for small businesses and big businesses alike and it’s completely customizable to your specific requirements.

What Goes Into Our ID Card Kits?

So if you order an ID card kit from ID card supply, what can you expect to receive?

We actually make a variety of different kits and you can tailor them to your requirements in case you already have some of the stock or in case you have a particular type of card you want to make.

Generally though, our ID card kits will include:

  • A laminator
  • Synthetic paper
  • Butterfly pouches
  • Holograms

This will give you the basics that you need to get started. Basically, all you then have to do is to take the paper and print your IDs on it. Often these will come with punchouts so it’s easy to make them the shape you want. From there, you can then either add them over cards (these are optional) or laminate them as they are. This latter step simply involves using a laminator and a butterfly pouch which is essentially a type of ‘laminating pouch’. The holograms are an optional addition but they’re great if you want to add a layer of security by making your cards impossible to scan or photocopy.

There are plenty of extras you can also add to your ID card kits or your refill packs too. Common choices include:

  • Sandpaper
  • X-acto knife
  • UV light
  • Magnetic Stripe Encoders/Readers

With these additions, you’ll be able to round off the corners of your ID cards, cut them to perfect shape, check for UV overlays and write and read identifying information to the magnetic stripe along the back.

This all makes it incredibly easy to create as many ID cards as you need and to save time and money doing it. This isn’t just useful for small businesses, it’s also great for schools, churches, events and charities among many other organizations and situations.

Take a look at our kits and get started!

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