End Fittings

Swivel Hook Attachment

End Fittings

When using lanyards or badge reels for your event badges or employee IDs there are several different end fittings available from which to choose. Once you have chosen the design, color, and type of lanyard that you are going to use, you will want to choose an appropriate end fitting to hold the badge in place so that it can be visible at all times.

Swivel Hook

Swivel hooks are similar to trigger hooks. However, the swivel hook will allow the badge to move around. For companies that have information printed on both sides of their ID badges, the swivel hook is a good choice as the badge can be turned back and forth easily.


Split Ring

Another popular choice for end fittings for lanyards is the ring. This is a simple circular shape that is typically made out of metal. It is just like a key ring. The badge will be hooked onto the ring just like keys are. These are easy to use and can be fitted on to any type of lanyard material that is chosen.



Bulldog Clip

The bulldog clip is probably the most simple. It is simply a clip that is located on the end of the lanyard. The badge is simply clipped onto the end of the lanyard. These clips are ideal for many companies who do not want to punch holes into their badges. They allow the badges to remain intact so they can be removed from the lanyard when necessary.

Trigger Snap

One of the more popular types of end fittings for lanyards is the trigger snap. This type of end fitting will simply open up and snap onto the ID badge. The hook clip is easy to use and makes it easy to switch out badges if necessary. The larger sizes available make it possible to hook the badge as well as other items to the end of the lanyard.

Wide Plastic Hook

A wide plastic hook can be used at the end of a lanyard to hold the ID badge. These plastic hooks are sturdy and will fit through the ID badge. One of the nice features of the wide plastic hook is that more than one ID badge can fit on the end of the hook, making it ideal for those who need to carry more than a single ID.

No-Twist Hook

A no twist hook lanyard is a good choice for people who need to wear identification badges, but work in an industry that requires them to move around a lot. These end pieces will help hold the badges in place as they will not twist around. They also do not require the badge to be punched to fit through them.

Vinyl Strap

Vinyl straps are often used with badge reels. The vinyl strap will go through the ID card, which allows it to be pulled in and out from the badge reel quite easily. These straps are durable and will withstand the badge being used multiple times a day.

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