End Fittings for Lanyards

Lanyards with lots of End Fitting Options

End Fittings for Lanyards

When selecting your lanyards, there are a number of different aspects to consider. On the one hand, you need to think about the material and select something that will be tough and resilient (so that the ID cards don’t get broken) as well as something that will feel comfortable around the neck and not aggravate the skin.

At the same time, you also need to think about the look of your lanyards. A good choice here is to pick a lanyard that has an attractive coloring to match the color of your branding – but you can even go one step further if you are so inclined and choose a lanyard with your logo printed on it. This way you can improve your brand awareness through your lanyard and provide a convenient way for your visitors to hold their ID cards.

Finally, you also need to think about the end fittings. What goes at the end of your lanyard? There are a few options, so let’s take a look at them.

Badge Reels

Badge reels are reels that are encased into a small plastic enclosure. Normally, these are made from a string or a wire that is wrapped around a reel on a spring. This then means that they can be extended or rolled up automatically and that gives you the option of lengthening or shortening your lanyard at will. The lanyard will still go around your neck or wrist in this instance but the fact that your ID card is attached to an additional card reel means that when you want to show it, you can easily stretch it to wherever it needs to be.






http://cdn.idcardsupply.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/thumbnail/600x/17f82f742ffe127f42dca9de82fb58b1/2/1/2137-5001.jpgSwivel Hook

A swivel hook is a hook, normally with a clip to fasten, that is attached on a swivel. These hooks tend to make it very easy to slip an ID badge on, while they at the same time offer a very strong and sturdy hold. The fact that they are on a swivel, means that the ID card can lie flat, or be turned to show at different angles as necessary. It also means you can hang other things on the lanyard with perhaps a different orientation. Ours are nickel plated.


Split Ring

Split rings are the type of fastener you get on the end of a set of keys. They’re a bit more fiddly to use than a swivel hook but as a result they offer a stronger hold. These need to be fed through the hole in your ID badge and are better suited to those cards that you aren’t likely to want to change regularly. These too come with a nickel plating when you buy from IDCardSupply.



Bulldog Clip

Bulldog clips are the types of clips you get on a clip board. In other words, these clamp down to hold any flat item in place. They’ve particularly useful because they can be used with ID cards and card holders that don’t have holes punched for other forms of attachment.


Other types of attachment include:

Trigger snap

DTACH Option

Wide ‘No-Twist’ Plastic Hook

Take a look and find the best ones for your business!

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