Eco-Friendly Selection

Eco-Friendly Selection

When choosing ID card accessories, it is important to consider products that are eco-friendly. There are many great materials used to create lanyards, ID cards, and badge holders that are friendly to the earth. Consider purchasing these eco-friendly products for all of your custom ID badge needs.

Eco-Friendly Lanyards

Lanyards have often been used as a promotional item for companies. Many companies supply their employees with lanyards to hold their ID badges as well. There are several eco-friendly lanyards available that can be used instead of the more traditional materials that lanyards are often made from. Some of the eco-friendly materials that can be used for lanyards include organic cotton, recycled plastic, recycled Rpet, and bamboo several others. These materials can be used to produce high quality custom lanyards with a minimal impact on the environment. There are many different lanyard styles available made from these more eco-friendly materials. These lanyards will have the same great look as ones made from more standard materials.

Eco-Friendly ID Cards

There are several different options available for more eco-friendly ID cards. One of the most popular options is a recycled PVC card. Recycled cards are created using recycled plastic. This offers a great alternative to a standard PVC card. Just like the standard cards the recycled Id card will provide great print quality as well as durability.

Another option is a biodegradable ID card. The BioPVC cards are blank ID cards that are completely biodegradable in areas that foster fungi and bacteria such as a compost pile or waterway. When the BioPVC card is thrown out it will decompose in 1-5 years. This helps decrease the amount of waste that is generated by old PVC cards every year.

Rewriteable cards are another option for more eco-friendly ID badges. Instead of throwing out old ID cards and issuing new ones, you can erase the information on the card and then reprint them. Rewriteable cards can be used for tickets, passes, visitor badges or any type of card that is just updated using a new date or number. Rewriteable cards can only be printed in monochrome so they will not work for a photo ID card.

Eco-Friendly Badge Holders

There are several options for eco-friendly badge holders as well. Phthalate is one of the major pollutants of the environment and it is often used in creating badge holders. Choosing strap clips and badge holders that are free of phthalate will help lower the amount of toxic chemical compounds out of the air and can help preserve the safety and the health of employees.

With more and more companies taking steps in order to lower their carbon footprint, ID card suppliers have started offering more eco-friendly products. Many ID card manufacturers and suppliers have developed several great environmentally friendly products to consider for your business. These products can be purchased at great prices and with the benefit of knowing that they are better for the earth.

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