Different Materials for Lanyards

Lanyards for every occasion

Different Materials for Lanyards

Lanyards are tough pieces of string that loop around your neck or wrist in order to hold an ID card. These provide a very convenient and secure way to carry an ID card that helps to prevent them from getting lost while at the same time ensuring they are always to hand.

Lanyards additionally have the benefit of being very simple and something that most people are familiar with. At the same time, they also have the distinct advantage of being quite versatile in that they come in a variety of different formats depending on what you need them for. Different materials exist, as do different colors and different attachments.

Choosing a color allows a company to pick lanyards that will match with their general branding and that will be eye catching and pleasing to look at. Meanwhile, choosing an attachment will allow companies to select the best lanyard to hold a specific type of ID card.

But what about the materials?

The Different Materials Available

When choosing the type of material you want for your lanyard, you will typically be able to select from the following:


Selecting Your Material

When choosing between these different materials, how do you decide on the best one to pick? There are a few different factors that will likely play a role in your decision:


Of course you will want a material for your lanyard that will be durable and that won’t easily break. This is very important as if your lanyard should break unexpectedly, this can actually lead to a number of serious problems – for starters it can potentially lead to the ID card getting lost or stolen which can present security risks. Likewise, it could make life difficult for your guests, visitors or customers.


It’s important to think of your lanyards, ID cards and all other materials as being representatives for your business. In other words, you need to ensure that they are able to show your organization in a good light because your visitors and customers are going to judge you on it. If you give them a lanyard that feels cheap or looks dull in terms of the color, then they will likewise probably think that your business lacks funds or professionalism.

Recycled Materials

Choosing recycled PET plastic has its benefits too however. Not only is it morally a good choice to pick a recycled plastic for your lanyards but it can also be good for your reputation. As a rule, consumers like supporting businesses that use recycled materials and it sends a very good message about who you want to be.


Lanyards won’t generally have a big impact on comfort but they can have some. A rough material can feel scratchy around the neck, while some other materials can cause allergic reactions in rare cases. Choosing a quality material then can make a big difference for the end user that will improve their experience interacting with your brand.

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