Custom Lanyards

Lanyards are perfect for anyone! They're great for both keys and keeping your ID Cards safe

Custom Lanyards

A lanyard is a type of cord, normally flat and made from a cloth-like material (such as nylon), that you can use to hang a card or other small item around your neck. These will then usually have a range of different attachments at the end which is ultimately what you’ll then use to attach the card.

Lanyards are a great choice for ID cards for a number of reasons. For starters, they’re simple to use and something that people universally understand. To use a lanyard, all you need to do is to loop it around your neck or arm and then clip it into the ID card. Thus any guest or any member of staff is going to be able to use it without instruction.

At the same time, lanyards are highly versatile and can be used around a bag or anything else for that matter. Finally, lanyards are tough and won’t easily break meaning you don’t need to worry about them falling off and your ID card getting lost.

Custom Lanyards

At ID Card Supply, we provide a wide range of lanyards in every color you can imagine and with every type of fastener. What’s more, you can order our lanyards in any color and in a range of sizes. We even have lanyards laced with rhinestone!

Choosing a color for your lanyard might seem like something that wouldn’t be that important. In fact though, this is a crucial way to ensure that your lanyard matches the color of your ID cards and the color of your uniform/brand/industry. Remember: a big part of using any ID card is making your business look more professional and improving your image. The best way to do that is to take time and care in ensuring that your card looks the part. And one way of doing that is to match your color scheme with your branding. You can even add your business logo to your lanyards! Attention to detail goes a long way.

The size and width of your lanyards will meanwhile make them more or less practical and as an added bonus, you can also get lanyards with safety breaks. What this means, is that they will snap when pulled suddenly which makes them much safer for children as they won’t be able to choke on them.

Types of Attachment

When choosing your lanyard, you will also be able to pick the type of attachment you want. We provide a wide range of these which include split rings, swivel hooks, carabiners, key clips and more. Each of these offers a different advantage. Carabineers for instance secure very tightly and are great for situations where you’ll be outdoors and really can’t afford to lose your IDs. Swivel hooks meanwhile are very secure but a little less heavy and bulky. Key clips have the big advantage of being familiar and are very fast to use.

Have a look around the site and have a think about the best combination of color, size and attachment for your business!

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