Custom ID Cards

Buy PVC Cards and make your own custom ID Cards!

Custom ID Cards

There are many reasons to consider printing custom ID cards. For companies that print a lot of badges each month, creating a customized template to use for the entire process will make printing your custom badges a much easier process. There are several things that you should consider when designing your custom ID cards. You can create your own Custom ID Cards easily at!

Uploading Custom Pictures

It is possible to upload custom pictures to print on your ID cards. If your company has a logo or other unique design that needs to be added to each of the ID cards, this can easily be added to the template for your ID badge.

Photos of employees are a security feature that most companies want for their custom ID badges. Uploading employee photos for the ID cards is quite simple and can be done with just a few clicks. You can add a photo to each of the IDs so that each of your employees receives a professional photo ID to use while at work.

If creating custom IDs for personal use you can add a photo for added security and identification.

Horizontal or Vertical

Another consideration when creating custom IDs is the orientation. You will be able to choose whether you want the ID to be horizontal or vertical. A vertical ID is quite common for companies to use for their employee IDs. No matter which way the ID faces, there is enough room to put all of the information that you need on the ID badge.

Color Scheme

When creating your custom ID you will want to choose an appropriate color scheme to use. This may include your company colors or you may choose to keep the background white and use colored text. It is also possible to add your custom art to the ID.

Lamination Options

For an ID badge to look professional lamination is necessary. There are seamless lamination processes available that will provide your card with a sleek look that is extremely professional. The IDs will be printed and then laminated in order to add extra durability and weather proofing.

Security Features

If you are worried about badge reproduction, there are several security factors to consider for your custom ID badges. One of the more economical options is to create an embedded holographic image to be printed onto the badge. This will make the ID very difficult to reproduce. You can order the holographic images in any sized batch.

If you need more security for your badges there are several other options as well. Adding a photo to the badge is a first step for security. It is also a good idea to consider a customized security image as opposed to one of the stock images that are available.

Magnetic stripes are a great form of security for badges as well. These stripes will contain encoded information that is unique to the card and the person using it. This is a good option to choose for access control in the building.

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