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Lanyards are ropes or cords that can be worn around the wrist, neck or shoulder. These are often used to carry an identification card. Many companies provide their employees with lanyards to wear to keep their ID badges safe and showing at all times. The style, design, and material of a lanyard varies based on what it is being used for. There are several types of materials used to make lanyards. Lanyard Materials A lanyard can be made out of almost any [...]

Why Shop With IDCardSupply?

The main purpose of ID Card Supply is to provide customers with all of the products necessary for their photo identification needs. ID Card Supply offers all of the products, tools, and other equipment that is needed for printing quality photo IDs at a fraction of the cost. Fantastic Wholesale Prices ID Card Supply thrives on providing their customers with fantastic wholesale prices on all of their products. You will find that the prices of ID supplies is much lower from [...]

10% discount through October!

Throughout the month of October, ID Card Supply is offering 10% off on ID card accessories! By simply entering the promotion code "OCT14" at checkout, customers will receive a 10% discount on accessories including badge clips, lanyards, badge holders, and badge reels!   Note: Limit 1 use per customer, offer expires 11/01/14


While customizing ID’s with IDCardSupply.com, you will receive the option to purchase lanyards in addition to your order. These lanyards come in various widths ranging from 3mm to 16mm as well as different materials such as polyester or polypropylene. Among all the different options for your lanyard, you can also customize the color preference/design or, more importantly, the strap style. The standard lanyard strap will conveniently hold your credentials while the other available option, the breakaway strap, provides extra convenience as well as added [...]

Badge Reels!

Ordering badges but still deciding on which badge reel fits your business best? Well, at ID Card Supply, there are two options: the standard badge reel or the no-twist badge reel. Both, the standard reels and the no-twist reels, offer very convenient access to mag stripes or barcodes located on the badge, but the no-twist reel separates itself from the standard badge reel with a few of its upgraded features. The no-twist badge reel is made with a rotating clip that has “teeth” to create a [...]