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Blank ID Cards

Getting ID cards for your business can have a great many number of advantages. For starters, ID cards can make any business look and feel more professional. Your guests and customers will likely feel much more confident dealing with you for instance if they can see that you have an official ID card and this will make your outfit appear better organized and more professional. For a small business, turning up with an ID card can make all the difference to that crucial first impression.

At the same time, ID cards make it easier for you to keep track of your staff, of your visitors and of your customers. This way, you can ensure that there’s no-one in the building who shouldn’t be there at any given time, you can know precisely how many visitors you have at once.

This can then help to improve security and also improve the experience that your visitors get when they come to your commercial site.

And one of the best and easiest ways to create your ID cards, is just to buy blank ID cards to print on.

Choosing Your Blank ID Cards

While this is a simple process though, there are a still a number of different things you need to consider when you choose your ID cards that will impact on the experience for your guests as well as on your security.

One choice is the material, for which you can pick from:

  • Composite
  • Plastic
  • PVC

These are all strong materials that will result in cards that feel solid in the hand and that don’t easily deteriorate. Your precise choice though is going to depend on how long the card needs to last. A composite card for instance might be more suitable for a short term use card that is going to be replaced – a day visitor for instance.

For someone who is going to be using the same card for a long time though – such as a member of staff – then a plastic or PVC material might make more sense and will have longevity and water resistance.

Color and Style

There are also a few other things to consider when choosing your blank cards.

For instance, will you need a mag strip in order to record and read data? This is necessary if you are going to be controlling access with your card for example, or if you’re handing out ‘loyalty cards’.

Likewise, you need to think about how the card will be attached. Does it have holes punched? Are they the right size? Are they in the right place for a vertical/horizontal orientation?

Finally, think about the color. Our ID cards come in a vast range of different colors which can make your cards more or less eye catching and which will be more or less suited to a specific industry. If your card is going to be used in a medical setting for instance, then you might want clinical white, charity pink or hospital blue. For companies with a red logo, a red card makes more sense!

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