Badge Reels!

Badge Reels!

Ordering badges but still deciding on which badge reel fits your business best? Well, at ID Card Supply, there are two options: the standard badge reel or the no-twist badge reel. Both, the standard reels and the no-twist reels, offer very convenient access to mag stripes or barcodes located on the badge, but the no-twist reel separates itself from the standard badge reel with a few of its upgraded features. The no-twist badge reel is made with a rotating clip that has “teeth” to create a stronger attachment. This rotating clip allows your badge to be attached at any angle that is most comfortable and accessible to your daily activity. Unlike the standard reels, the no-twist reel offers a clip with “teeth” that allows the clip to create a more reliable grip to your clothing. The main feature of this no-twist reel that really separates itself from the standard reel is that when the badge retracts back up to the starting position, it never twists backwards, thus keeping your credentials visible at all times. This feature is crucial for employers in businesses such as hospitals and airports in which their identification badge has to be visible while worn. This reel is very beneficial in the sense that it allows businesses to save more money on their badges since they no longer have to create them double sided to ensure that the badge is always visible.

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