Badge Reels

Badge Reels are perfect for anyone looking to keep their ID Cards safe and close to them!

Badge Reels

Badge reels are housing or casing units that will contain a retractable cord. The cord can be connected to a badge holder. The most basic badge reels will be either a round, square, or rectangle shape. There are customized shapes available as well such as a breast cancer awareness heart. The badge reel is typically rather small and will have a belt clip located on the back of it in order to attach the reel to your clothing.

There are several types of clips that can be used for the clothing attachment of the badge reel. Some of the variations of these clips include belt clips, spring clips, and closed pins. The cord of a badge reel will typically measure between 27 to 36 inches long. This cord will be attached to a spring mechanism inside the reel that allows the cord to retract when it is pulled.

There are customized badge reels available, but all badge reels have the same basic features, a housing unit, a retractable cord, a clothing attachment, a spring mechanism, and an attachment for an ID badge. You can find badge reels available in almost every color you can imagine. White, black, or metallic are common choices for casual work settings. A colored badge wheel can be chosen to match employee’s uniforms or the color scheme of the company.

Attachment Points

There are two attachment points for each badge reel. The first is where the badge reel attaches to the employee and the second is where it attaches to the ID card.

There are several different fasteners available to attach the card to the badge reel. Some of the more common attachments include bulldog clips, O-rings, snaps on vinyl strips, and snap hooks. Vinyl strips with snaps are fairly common. This is where a small piece of vinyl is inserted through the top of an ID card and then snapped together.

The other attachment point on the badge is to the employee. There are several different places an employee may wear their ID badge. One popular option for badge reel attachments is the belt clip. These clips allow the employee to attach their badge directly to their belt or waistband.

The close end pin is another option that is available. The badge reel is attached directly to the employee’s clothing. The main problem with this option is that it can leave holes in the clothing.

Clips are often used for badge reels because they will allow the reel to be attached to a shirt sleeve or a pocket.

Types of Badge Reels

There are several types of badge reels available. A no twist badge reel will keep the cord flat so that it does not twist or flip the badge over when it is retracted. Swiveling badge reels allow you to turn the badge reel in any direction. Heavy duty badge reels are designed to be used in more rugged settings. Instead of using vinyl a heavy duty badge reel will use a wire or chain for the retractable cord.

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