Badge Holders

Badge Holders are perfect for anyone looking to protect their ID Cards

Badge Holders

Badge holders are a great way to provide employees with a way to hold their employee IDs. These badge holders can also be used for events. As more and more event sponsors and employers are requiring their employees to have their identification be shown at all times, badge holders are becoming more popular.

Badge holders will keep the ID safe and also provide an easy and cost effective way for employees to display their badges throughout the day.

There are many different options available when it comes to badge holders. You can choose the orientation of the badge holder as there are both horizontal and vertical options available.

Wearing Badge Holders

Badge holders will come with a clip that can be worn almost anywhere on a person’s clothing. This will ensure that the ID can be seen at all times. The badge holder will provide an attractive way to display the ID. There are several different styles of badge holder clips available. A belt clip is a common choice as it will allow a person to clip the badge holder onto their belt or waist of their pants. Clips are also a good choice as it will allow the holder to be clipped onto a pocket or a sleeve for ease of use.

Badge holders can also be attached to lanyards or badge reels to allow your employees to easily access their badges at all times. The badges can attach to a lanyard or badge reel using a clip or other style of end fitting. This will make it easy to see the badge at all times and to be able to scan the badge whenever necessary.


There are several styles of badge holders available, each with their own benefits. For employees that need to carry several ID cards on them at once there are ID badge holders available that will allow room for more than one badge.


There are flexible and rigid badge holders available. The type that is chosen will depend on the work environment. The flexible badge holder will be made of a pliable material that allows the ID badge to bend if necessary. The rigid badge holder will ensure that the badge remains straight at all times.

For companies that require their employees to scan their cards, there are badge holders available that allow for this. There will be no reason to take the card out of the holder in order to swipe it through a magnetic card reader or any other type of reader that your company may have in place.

Customized Badge Holders

Badge holders can easily be customized in order to meet your company’s needs. There are many different colors available for these badge holders, which will allow you to match your company’s color scheme quite easily. You can also choose to have a colored background for the badge holder.

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