Learn More About IDCardSupply

Learn More About IDCardSupply

Hello there and thanks for checking out IDCardSupply!

In case you’re wondering what you’ve stumbled upon, we are the world’s premier supplier of ID cards and related materials and can provide you and your business with everything you need to start making professional and high quality ID cards.

In this post, we’ll talk a little bit about our products, our mission statement and our deals and offers.

What Are ID Cards?

Does your business already have ID cards? If not, then it’s something you should seriously consider for a number of reasons.

For big businesses, ID cards are an invaluable tool. Here, they are used to help organizations keep track of their own staff, as well as their visitors and their customers. This way, they can keep close tabs on who is coming in and out of their business and they can thereby increase their security. ID cards can even include mag strips (magnetic strips) which allow them to store data. This can then be used to control access or to assign loyalty points and more.

For smaller businesses meanwhile, ID cards can make a huge difference in making an outfit seem professional and to help it get taken more seriously. Think about it: if your business consists of just one or a few people, then turning up to a job site with professional looking ID cards is bound to make a real difference when it comes to that all important first impression.

How Are ID Cards Made?

Fortunately, this is also something that any business can take advantage of relatively easily. ID cards are very simple to make and just require some basic materials. You can either print directly onto blank ID cards for instance, or you can print onto synthetic paper such as Teslin paper. From there, you will then laminate your ID cards using butterfly pouches and a laminator and then you can punch a hole in them and loop through a lanyard. Optional extras include the likes of ID card holders, mag strips, holographic overlays and badge reels.

What do We Sell?

At IDCardSupply then, we sell literally everything you could need to create ID cards as well as to use them. Any supplies that relate to ID cards… we stock them!

Our items then include but are not limited to:

Does that sound like a lot? Not sure where to start?

We have taken this into account too with our starter packs. These provide you with all the materials you will need to make your very first batch of ID cards and that way you can create as many cards as you need, with no need to worry about all the different elements.

Run out of materials? You can also order refill packs that you can customize as you need to provide yourself with all the parts you’ve run out of such as paper, pouches and blank cards.

Our Badge Creator

Head over to IDCreator.com and you can also find a very useful additional tool. Here you can access our Badge Creator which basically allows you to pick a pre-made template for an ID card design and then customize as much or as little as you want.

IDCreator Badge Maker

We have templates that are designed to work for a range of different industries and job roles – from medical ID cards to events organizers. By finding the right one to start working from, you can that way create something that is unique to your organization but which you know will have a professional look and feel for your visitors and for your staff.

Our Promise

We have a gigantic selection of materials, tools and supplies that make it easy for you to create custom ID cards for your business. But that’s not the only reason to choose IDCardSupply!

At the same time, we also offer the lowest prices on the net – literally! We have done a lot of research to ensure that we beat the competition on value but if you can find our products for less, we will happily match that price.

What’s more, we also offer amazing bulk rates saving you even more money and offer free delivery on all orders over $100. Oh and we offer next day delivery too!

We sell all the major brands from Arcadia to Teslin to EasyIDea and much more that you won’t find anywhere else. There’s really no reason to shop elsewhere for all your ID card supply needs!

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